An update from Caro at Halswell Fresh in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

An update from Caro at Halswell Fresh in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

We want to begin with a big thankyou to all of our customers who have been so patient with us (and our suppliers) over the last week and of course our heartfelt thoughts are going to everyone effected by the cyclone and all that has come with it.

You may have seen we have removed the Seasonal Fruit Box from our offers online with Halswell Butchery, this is due to the devastating result of this weeks weather events. The bulk of our fruit supplies hail from the North Island currently in our timeline of the fruit season, and over night this has been wiped out. This doesn’t mean we are without fruits however! Our seasons begin in the North Island and paves it’s way through the months to the South. We still have all the staples and will be able to offer variety, but our crystal ball that helps up plan has a few cracks in it which means as we navigate the supply with less advance than we usually can bank on in the coming days and weeks - to not compromise on the quality and value of our Seasonal Fruit Box offerings we have decided to remove it as an option.

Rest assured we still currently and will continue to have a wonderful, delicious and value centered selection of fruits (and vegetables) available in store, (and within our Seasonal Fruit and Vege Box options) thanks to our local suppliers.

Currently our main concern is the rising cost of produce for you, our customers. This week has seen entire orchards and crops wiped out. Which means what is left is being spread further and we know this increases costs across the board. The three Seasonal Fruit and Vege Box offerings that remain available have had a small increase, this is to help us absorb the bulk of these rising costs that we foresee will continue while still maintaining that our Seasonal Fruit and Vege Boxes are our most value for money offering to you.
Click here to see our Seasonal Fruit and Vege Box options.

The next few weeks and months may look a little different and we appreciate your patience as we take time to find our way through keeping a variety of fresh produce available to you but we promise to keep you updated and you can rest assured that quality and value for you and your families is constantly at the top of our minds.


**If you are a local supplier of produce and we have not had a chance to work with you yet we are looking to support however we can so please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you bring your delicious products to local customers.


If you have any questions or queries, feel free to get in touch with us at any time, we are always happy to help!

With love and thanks,
from Caro and the Halswell Fresh girls